SERIOUSLY? Would you not like to crush it like you did in your younger days? Want a flatter tummy and the confidence to go with it? I am going to help and it starts now. Skip the endless guessing game and have a coach behind you that has been there and done that.


Create Training Lab is happy to offer both Personalized Training Programs as well as my FitBody Bootcamps. If you are looking for Personal Training, I offer both 1 on 1 coaching as well as 2 on 1 coaching for couples or friends who want to train together in our Studio Fitness Facility. Our FitBody Bootcamps run on 4 week cycles. Please check out my link below that has when the next FitBody Bootcamp starts up. If you have questions, please reach out to me direct, Thanks and I look forward to meeting you.

FitBody Bootcamp Maple Ridge


FitBody Bootcamps are designed to be shorter in duration (45 minutes) with an emphasis on movement thru our HIIT training method. This is a great way to increase fat loss and ignite your metabolism thru a combination of resistance training, cardio and plyometrics. FitBody Bootcamps run on 4 week cycles and have a maximum of 8 spots per registration. I also have a fully enclosed studio to keep us out of the elements on those rainy Lower Mainland days.

Personal Training in Maple Ridge


Personalized Studio Training is exactly as it sounds. I will customize a training program for you that is designed for your goals and timelines. These sessions can be booked around any available time slots I have in my private, training studio. Along with our training sessions together, I can also layout a program for you that you can complete on your own time to keep you motivated and on track. Please click on the LEARN MORE link for more info. I’m excited to meet you!

A little info about me.

Hi. My name is Trina and I’m a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach in Maple Ridge, BC. I will be 40 years of age in June of this year and am enjoying every minute of it. My family is huge to me and love my husband of 13 years and 3 children very much.

In my spare time, I enjoy fitness ( obviously 🙂 hehe ), hiking, gardening, CrossFit competitions, and family movie nights.

My biggest ambition in life is to travel more. I would love to see every corner of the world and hope to add more and more pages to my passport every year.

I am very excited to chat with you about your fitness goals and hope you will reach out.

Thanks for reading.

Just want to chat?

Sometimes it is easier to just shoot us an email and let’s start a conversation. If you would like me to email you and we can learn more about your goals, simply put your name and email in our contact form below. I am not going to add you to any spam list ( as that is illegal ), so do not worry about that. You will get an email direct from me, Trina, asking how I can help. Hope to chat soon.